Teacher Feedback Program

Teacher Feedback Program

Step 1 - We send teachers money to cover all costs for product(s)
Step 2 - Teachers purchase our products from Amazon
Step 3 - Teachers leave an honest review of the product (bonus points for pictures!)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: So Cameron Frank Products sends me money first? Is this a scam?
A: No scam here! For some reason, Amazon likes to remove reviews if the reviewer purchased the product as a discount. By sending teachers funds to purchase the products, we can prevent those reviews from being removed later.
Q: What ways can teachers receive money?
A: Paypal or Venmo is the fastest method, just message us your email / user ID. We will reply with confirmation when payment is sent. If you prefer another payment method, please ask.
Q: Do I have to leave a review on Amazon?
A: You are not required to leave an Amazon review, but we would really appreciate it if you did! Cameron Frank Products is a small family business and our success depends on these reviews. Not only do we want your input to create the best possible products for teachers and parents, our future shoppers want to read about your experience to make better purchasing decisions.
Q: I love this program! Is there room for other teachers I know to join?
A: Absolutely! Please have them message us and ask about our Teacher Feedback Program. We offer the following rewards for referring other teachers to our program:   

When teachers you refer provide input...

Reward to you

10 times


20 times


20+ times


Ready to join?

1) Email km@cameronfrankproducts.com or message us on Facebook.
2) Mention Teacher Feedback Program.
3) Include classroom age and contact information for the school you teach at.
Note: Teachers must have Amazon account to purchase from to apply.